Who we are

Rope Team

The term rope team (German: Seilschaft), roped team or roped party, originally came from mountain sports, especially climbing, where it describes a group of people joined by a mountain or climbing rope and thus secured against falling.

We are all in this together!


Christopher Thompson

I have been working in technology for over 15 years professionally and opened a business in Yreka CA. Serving Siskiyou County!
I believe and want to provide quality support to businesses who need computer help but are unable to find or have an in-house technician. To help businesses grow with technology and take it out of their hands and into ours, so they can do their best work, focusing on their customers.
Something I believe that sets Mountaineer IT apart is our willingness to help, and the services we offer. We are about being proactive, providing support and assistance even before the customer knows there is a problem about to happen.


Nick Martinico

SLO Principal/Service Manager

I have been in the technology field for over 4 years! Computers have always been a passion for me ever since I was a kid, and now being able to share that passion with others makes me love my career that much more. Being able to teach people about technology and how it can make their lives simpler always brightens my day. Providing great customer service and offering the best IT solutions is what we are all about! Making clients businesses run more efficiently so they can do their best work and not have to worry about those darn computers. I look forward to serving you in the future!