Office 365 Setup on Apple Mobile Devices

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When Setting up office 365 business on your mobile device, You will want to follow some of the following steps.

Step 1: Skip if you are setting up a new account: If you have a broke outlook/exchange account already setup on your phone or tablet follow these steps. Go to Settings – Passwords and accounts. Remove the old email account.

Step 2: After removing the old account or setting up a new account. Under Settings Passwords and accounts. Click on add new account. Select

Enter in your Email address. ( Type in a description of the account,to easily identify the account.

Click on Sign In … Not Manual Setup. Image below.

Click on (WORK Email)

Enter in the password and hit Sign In.

NOTE: IF you are a Mountaineer IT customer and do not know your password we can reset your password. This should be the last step. Your account is setup.

Step 3: After the account has been setup, go to your mac mail app, You should now see the new account setup, Click on the new account and you will now see your emails. NOTE: Depending on the size of the mailbox it may take a few mins for emails to show.