NextCloud How to install on Mobile, PC and MAC

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Instructions for Installing NextCloud Sync on Mac and PC


Mobile instructions:


If you are setting up your mobile device (Phone or Tablet) you can search your Apple app store or Android Google play store for the “NextCloud” APP

After the app has installed. It will ask you for the server.


Server = Https://


From there it will ask you for a username and password, This was assigned to you by Mountaineer IT. If you do not know your credentials, please give Mountaineer IT a call and we can help you right away.



To setup nextcloud on your computer:




In your internet browser, go to the website



Click on Downloads



Click on Desktop Clients



Step 4:

Download the appropriate client, Windows, Mac or Linux.



Step 5: Once the program is downloaded. Go ahead and run the installer. Follow the install wizard with defaults.



Step 6: Once the program is installed, it will ask you for a server address the server is ( Https:// ) Click Next.


Step 7:

You will be prompted for a username and Password.

**The username and password was assigned to you by Mountaineer IT. If you have any trouble remembering your credentials please call Mountaineer IT and we can help you right away.**

Click next.



Step 8:

This next step will let you specify what you would like to sync with your computer and what location on your computer you would like to sync the data to.  You can leave everything default or make changes as you see fit. Click connect and Nextcloud hosted by Mountaineer IT will start the sync process. All your files in the specified folders will now sync between your computer and other devices you have setup along with the cloud.


You can access your nextcloud anytime anywhere from Https://

That or you can navigate to and click on the cloud menu in the upper right corner of the website.


Thank you.